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Priority Bracelet is twist on the traditional charm bracelet, reminding the wearer of her priorities and goals.

Create your Life Planner for your wrist...

1. Choose a charm bracelet

2. Pick charms that represent your priorities

3. Wear your custom bracelet to
               keep in mind what is important to you
  • In less than two weeks, you’ll receive your bracelet through the mail, and it will remind you of what’s important and, perhaps, help you to make better decisions every day you wear it.

Invite us to speak at your church, workplace, or women’s group. It’s very powerful when women create their bracelets together! We have electronic materials, too, so we can "be" there even when we are hundreds of miles away!

You can hold a Priority Bracelet fundraising event to earn money for worthy causes. Up to 25% of sales can benefit your organization.

Deb's Personalized Priority Bracelet

Deb's bracelet...

  • initial or sports charm for each of my children
  • graduation cap to remind me that each of my students truly wants to graduate and needs my help and attention
  • cornucopia to remind me that my life is full of blessings
  • present to remind me to live more fully in the present with less anxiety about tomorrow or the next thing on my to-do list
  • globe to remind me of the children I sponsor in Haiti and my concern about the lack of clean water in Africa
  • cross to help keep Christ at the center of my life.
  • Noah's ark for faith
  • book to keep working on my novel(s)


Deb Walter  -  610.657.0952  -
Fitness and health goals, building character, spiritual and relationship needs are all great reasons to create a Priority Bracelet.