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Bracelets Work

Priority Bracelet has developed a Bracelets at Work program in which women explore their priorities and goals on their lunch-hour. During the workshop, women are encouraged and directed to think about how they can be more content at work and make a greater contribution there as well as how they can balance work-life issues and improve their physical and emotional well-being.

It’s very powerful when women design their bracelets in groups. When it’s done at work, colleagues get to know each other and what’s truly important to those they work with. They help each other discover charms that represent their priorities and that knowledge and camaraderie should naturally help them to support each other in the workplace.

We have charms to remind women of all kinds of work-related priorities: graduation caps for continuing education, telephones and smiley faces for great customer service, computers for keeping pace with technology, sneakers and apples for a healthy lifestyle, and word charms such as “empower” and “inspire” for managers.

Priority Bracelet offers more than 1000 charms to represent all facets of a woman’s life including initials and birthstones to represent loved ones.

We work with the company and can customize presentations and their length to accommodate different workplaces.

Companies can choose to make their Priority Bracelet workshop a fundraiser in addition to a professional development activity. Priority Bracelet typically donates 15 to 25 percent of gross sales to community organizations and companies can pick a charity to support.

For companies and organizations that are too far away for Deb to travel there, Priority Bracelet can e-mail narrated PowerPoint presentations and hand-outs, and companies can conduct their own workshops placing custom orders through the Internet store.

For more information, contact Deb Walter directly at 610-657-0952 or e-mail

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